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Real Estate in a Local Pandemic

The coronavirus has completely transformed our day to day lives, with the real estate market being no different. Buyers now need masks and gloves to view a home, and much of the process has gone remote. Although fears of a housing crash similar to 2008 arose early on, historical disease outbreak data points experts towards prices remaining stable and the market rebounding fairly quickly.

Buyers may have mixed emotions when considering a home purchase during the pandemic, but recordlow interest rates have become one swaying factor. Facetime and Zoom, along with 3D tours allow buyers a valuable non-contact approach throughout the home buying process. Sellers have exercised caution, keeping lights turned on and closet doors open to promote a “no touch” approach during showings.

For those currently involved in the buying or selling process, a new real estate environment is certainly witnessed – focused primarily on disinfection and virtual meetings. Although the total effect of the virus is difficult to predict, the demand for housing appears to remain optimistically intact.

Summer Home Maintenance

Prep your home early on this summer with the proper maintenance that will save you time and money – then relax easy the rest of the season! Remove and clean the filters in your air conditioning.

Clean your ceiling fans to remove dust build up. Fertilize your lawn and layer on mulch to keep weeds down and allow soil to retain its moisture in the summer heat. Use pest removal sprays to avoid ants, moths, spiders and other insects.

Wash your deck or patio, checking for any loose or broken posts. Clean out your gutters to avoid expensive repairs, mold and mildew. Deep clean your grill by closing the lid and letting it heat up for 30 minutes, then brushing with a grill brush.

Simple Tips for Selling

Summer is typically an excellent time to sell a home – follow these simple tips to increase your chances of selling your home quickly & for maximum profit.

Focus on curb appeal. Keep the lawn well watered and mow on the diagonal to add more dimension. Trim the bushes and plant white flowers for a sophisticated touch. Also make sure to touch up any peeling exterior paint, seal the driveway and sweep walkways.

Make your outdoor living space as inviting as possible to help buyers envision themselves relaxing outside on the patio. Set up a cozy seating area with fresh place settings, or stage a barbeque or firepit area. Help buyers envision themselves relaxing outside on the patio.

Cool the home to a comfortable temperature. A cooler interior will keep buyers within the home longer, so set the thermostat a few extra degrees lower to compensate for doors opening during showings.

Stage the inside of the home to reflect the summer season by decorating with summer accents. Replace any dark accent pillows and rugs with brighter summer hues. Open blinds to let the natural light in, and place bright flowers on the dining room table to double as a natural air freshener.